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Just Drums.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Just Drums.

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[friday dec 16 10.55 am]

i have an orange count drum set....wanna see it? and don't deleate it, it will give me something to do.
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[friday sep 23 15.31 pm]

Im closing the community.
It sucks.
Unless someone wants to help
make it better.
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[wednesday aug 10 14.38 pm]

Im going to DCI Championships in Boston.
Ill have pictures and maybe even videos
and will post them when i get back.

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AHHHH! [thursday aug 4 13.32 pm]

Just out of curiosity. Please do this.

Everyone list five favorite bands.

He Is Legend
Misery Signals
It Dies Today
Norma Jean
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[wednesday aug 3 20.23 pm]

i love how drums is one of the only instruments you can play anywhere, anytime, on anything.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

some black guy let me play drums with him on the Atlantic City boardwalk. it was sick.
it also looks like there a giant yellow snot comeing out of my nose. haha
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Browsing. [tuesday aug 2 22.53 pm]

Hey, I'm looking for a second set of drums. Like, not with cymbols or anything, just drums.
I found a set a while back, some guy was moving, so he was selling this Really really sweet set for like 200.
I forget what kind they were. I just remember they were an old vintage set, and that's all he was asking.
Anyone want to help me out? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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[saturday jul 30 1.07 am]

hey, my names ashley. i play a mapex v series. its a peice of crap if you ask me. but i got it for free so its not bad. if i ever get enough money i'm thinking about a pearl MRX or maybe a set off the new refrence series. not too long ago i bought this sweeeeeet pearl snare drum. i'm in love.
 Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i actauly prefer marching style than drumset.  i play for CHS drumline with adam: _dietwater_
i'm going to be on snare this year and our show is cadets 01. the music is sick. i cant wait for the season to start
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cha.... [thursday jul 28 23.13 pm]

[ mood | restless ]

well i have been extensivly testing my 14" B8 thin crash and 16" B8 rock crash and i am very happy with both of them. im not sure if anyone else likes to use sabiens but i sure do...except for hihats, i prefer the new beats made by zildian...so...does any one else like sabien cymbols or do you all just use zildian's?

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[friday jul 29 18.55 pm]



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SOS [wednesday jun 22 16.52 pm]

Alright look,
this community is going
to die if noone helps to
promote in any way.

Please help.
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Back [saturday jun 18 20.57 pm]

My computer crashed
for a week.

Im back.
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[sunday jun 12 13.42 pm]
nobody comments/updates.
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my gear [tuesday may 31 22.57 pm]
[ mood | creative ]

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SJC Custom Drums
20x22, 7x12, 14x16
Black/Green/Silver Glitter Stripped
Mini-Tube Lugs (50% offset)
Gauger RIMS (dynamount on floortom)

6x14 - 10 ply
Pink Sparkle w/ 1" Black Sparkle Stripe
(4) - 2" Vents
Black Diecast Hoops
Black Tube Lugs (7/8 offset)
Trick t/o

Zildjian Cymbals
14" A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats
18" Z Custom Medium Crash
20" A Custom Medium Ride (as crash)
20" A Custom Swish China
21" A Sweet Ride (brilliant)

DW Pedals (5000 DB, 5000 HH Stand)
Pearl Mounting
Pearl Stands

Vater Power 5B
Vater 1A

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Mod//Still working. [saturday may 28 17.30 pm]

I'd thought id stop in
and say that the picture
in the top corner is my
drumset. Its a pearl
master series custom with
a zildian rock and medium
crash. A custom mastersound

Im still working on
the layout for this
communnity and whatnot.

Please promote if you

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I use... [saturday may 28 12.33 pm]

A pearl export/import Sonor Sonic Plus/Pacific DW mix for my acoustic shows, with a whole rack of AAX sabian dark crash/chinas/stage ride/stage hats.

I have a v-session (roland) to practice on at home...

And a mix of pearl/pacific for a practice kit elsewhere.

Hope this community works out!
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